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Our shaggy carpets : large choice of shaggy carpets at the best prices

Discover our wide selection of shaggy rugs, available in different sizes and colours. Ideal for the bedroom or the living room, this type of rug brings softness and comfort.

At the forefront of the trend in the 70s, the shaggy rug is now back in the spotlight! It is THE rug to have at home! This shaggy rug will warm up the atmosphere in your home.

The shaggy carpet in a few words

The long strands of this carpet provide unparalleled comfort for the feet. This is why it is particularly popular in the bedroom as a bedspread. In addition to its softness, the long strands of this rug give it a warm effect that is much appreciated. These rugs can be made of cotton, wool or acrylic. They are therefore robust and designed to last over time.

In what type of decoration should a shaggy rug be used?

The advantage of this carpet is that it goes with everything! Whether your interior is modern, retro, industrial or bohemian, the shaggy rug will inevitably find its place there! You will find it in different colours, from the most basic (black, white, brown) to the most original (blue, red, yellow). It is also available in different shapes: from the traditional square to the oval. For a soberly decorated room with neutral colours, you can choose a brightly coloured rug that will bring a little originality and sparkle to your decor. For a parents' bedroom, choose a neutral colour that calls for calm and relaxation as soon as you enter the room. Finally, it is a carpet that is particularly appreciated in a child's room. They will enjoy sitting on it to play. Choose a slightly original shape and a bright colour.

How to maintain a shaggy carpet

The long pile of a shaggy carpet attracts dust! So remember to vacuum it every week. Also remember to change the position of your carpet regularly. It is important to avoid having the light always fall on one side of the carpet, as this could discolour and damage it.

Above all, do not steam it as this will damage the hair! In case of stains, use a special wool stain remover. And if one day, an unpleasant odour emanates from your carpet, simply add a few drops of essential oil mixed with a little water.