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Our vintage clocks: large choice of vintage wall clocks at the best prices

Looking for originality and elegance in your home! Very trendy, the vintage style is a style that refers to an old period of more than 20 years. Choose from a wide range of simple vintage clocks and wall clocks.

Thevintage clock a has a style that refers to the past. It is characterized by a display with hands. Our models will seduce you with their originality and elegance.

A large choice of vintage clocks

The old-fashioned style is especially appealing because we need to return to our childhood memories and roots. These clocks are characterised by an authentic antique or aged look (through a process of imitation ageing). Moreover, they have character through their use of noble materials, such as wood and metal.

Iconic objects from previous decades have inspired various models. Models that have of course been brought up to date.

How to choose a vintage wall clock

Useful decorative objects, they are displayed in a strategic place in a room. These wall clocks come in the form of a simple clock, a pendulum, a chime or a cuckoo clock.

And they fit in with any interior. If you like the antique style, a wall clock with Roman numerals is made for you. Attracted by the industrial style, our imposing models in raw materials will satisfy you. Nostalgic for the pop years, you will find this universe in our models with rounded shapes and bright colours.

Criteria for choosing a vintage wall clock First of all, you have to think carefully about the shape you choose. In everyday life and over time, it should always appeal to you.

Then, will you be able to withstand the charm of the swinging of the clock, the chime, the ticking, the cuckoo, over time? Think again, because there are silent models.

Then, the place where the clock is hung is important to highlight it. If the wall on which the clock is hung is already decorated, place it a few dozen centimetres away from other objects. On the other hand, a wall without any decoration will enhance a large clock.

In addition, the colour of your interior will play a decisive role. If your decoration is sober, if the wall behind the clock is white, dare to choose a coloured wall clock. On the other hand, if your interior is already very colourful, select a simple model made of raw materials.

Finally, what is the budget you will allocate to your purchase? An authentic, antique clock will be expensive to buy and will be costly to repair. If you are on a tighter budget, choose a new model. More affordable, without any particular maintenance, you will be amazed.