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Our wall lamps and wall lamp children's room at the best prices

Playful or poetic, thewall lamp is the final touch to a well-decorated bedroom. Indispensable for illuminating the pages of the evening book, it is available in all colours. Whether you are looking for a wall lamp cloud, star or butterfly, discover our models specially designed for toddlers!

Lighting without dazzling, decorating without exciting and accompanying the child until bedtime: our colourful wall lamps lights do just that! And to match the room, our wall lights come in all shapes and sizes.

A wall lamp children's wall in their own image

a When it comes to choosing the best lighting for your bedroom, there is no better judge than your child! To please car fans, the wall lamps murals are adorned with small cars or take the form of a pretty fire engine ready to roar. Dreamy children and budding poets will be delighted to light up models with field flowers, butterflies or little stars with a shimmer. And don't forget our playful and mischievous wall lamps featuring their favourite heroes or animals! From the monkey to the owl and from the Christmas reindeer to the ladybird, you're bound to find the perfect wall lamp for your child among our selection. And when it comes to colours, our wall lamps also offers a wide range of options: the soft pink will certainly appeal to ballerina apprentices and all lovers of pastel colours, while the bright red, orange and apple green will appeal to those who prefer bright colours.

Direct or subdued? A little lighting lesson

Just like Floor lamps and ceiling lights, wall lamps wall lights can provide a variety of lighting. And when it comes to children's lights, anything goes: wall lamps with a cylindrical lampshade , made of fabric or plastic, is perfect for reading because it offers direct light for optimum visibility. Equipped with a switch on a base or cable, easy to handle for little hands, these lights go out as soon as the book is closed. But we also offer models with very soft light, subtly subdued by plywood panels that completely hide the bulbs. These wall lamps lights are ideal for children who still need a nightlight to fall asleep reassured.