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Our Floor lamps children and children's standing lamps at the best prices

More accessible and more subdued than a ceiling light, the Floor lamp is an excellent solution for lighting children's rooms. In our selection, it is adorned with various colors and patterns to seduce all little eyes. Compare our collections to find the ideal Floor lamp .

A poetic lampshade , a funny foot, a colored light... Floor lamps for children compete with fantasy to decorate the room of the little ones. Without forgetting to ensure their first function by diffusing a bright light but soft for the eyes.

The Floor lamp child, a decorative object in its own right

To match the decoration of all children's rooms, Floor lamps multiplies the playful shades: decorated with a flight of butterflies or a liberty fabric, in the shape of a cloud or even a hot air balloon, they meet the tastes of young dreamers as well as budding adventurers. As for their feet, they are gladly adorned with bright colors, for an extra note of cheerfulness, or beautiful animal patterns that transform them into giraffe legs ... And for a successful decoration in a refined style, you can also choose simplicity, by focusing only on the color: the lampshades in pink, red and yellow fabric generate a subdued lighting both intimate and warm. As for the different shades of blue, they are perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere and calming down very active children - or a slightly lunar atmosphere that will delight ocean or space conquest enthusiasts...

A practical and safe lighting for the little ones

To light your little boy's or girl's room safely, your new Floor lamp must diffuse a soft light, but also present a perfect stability! Thanks to their large circular or square bases, our models have a wide support on the ground. As for the Floor lamps wooden tripods, very trendy, they play on a flared base in order to resist all the jostling, or almost... As for the switches, several options are available: the foot buttons placed on the base or on the cable of the lights have the advantage of being very accessible. They allow your child to turn on the light himself at nightfall - what a source of pride! And so that you can offer your child this pleasure at the best price, all our Floor lamps fancy lights are delivered free of charge.