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It is always practical to have a lighting with good lighting that matches your bedroom. Bedside lamps are the practical and decorative accessories for this room. Discover our wide range of bedside lamps.

Bright, warm and pleasant to look at, the bedside lamp is an indispensable lighting , THE must for the bedroom. As part of the decoration, it plays an important role in the atmosphere of the bedroom. Cocoon, classic, rustic or design, the bedside lamp comes in all shapes and sizes to match every style of home.

1001 bedside lamps

To suit everyone's taste, there is a wide range of bedside lamp models on the market. In metal or plastic, in sober colours or bright shades, matt or glossy. The choice is endless! The low lamp remains a classic. A small, fixed lighting consisting of a modestly sized base and a lampshade, this type of lamp produces a warm, subdued light. There are bedside lamps with an industrial design. They have a long base and an articulated arm that allows the light to be adjusted and directed.

Some lights have a design especially for children's rooms. These types of lamps are presented in all possible shapes: animals, flowers, mushrooms, snowmen, superheroes, etc.

The ideal place for the bedside lamp

The traditional and classic place for bedside lamps is near the bed, on the bedside table. This is the place to get the right amount of light when reading in the evening before going to bed. The presence of this lighting in the bedroom creates a reassuring and relaxed atmosphere, which helps to relieve stress during the day. Depending on the design, the lamp can be placed on the floor or above the headboard. A bedside lamp can also be placed on the desk to provide the essential light for completing evening tasks.

How to choose a bedside lamp?

This lighting exists in all types, it is not always obvious which lamp is suitable for your room. Therefore, there are some criteria to consider before buying a bedside lamp. These properties are: the intensity of the luminosity of the device, the design of thelampshade and the shape of the base (foot) of the lamp. The first characteristic is chosen according to the brightness of the room at night. The room may benefit from natural evening light and not be bathed in darkness. In this case, you should choose a lamp with low luminosity, which will provide a subdued atmosphere in the room. The shape of thelampshade and the base depend on the size of the bedside table, but is partly based on individual taste. Just make sure that the choice matches the style of the house.