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Our Berber carpets : large choice of Berber carpets at the best prices

Bring the magic into your home with our Berber rugs! Model They blend beautifully with most interior decorations: from the neo-industrial atmosphere of a loft to the cosy atmosphere of a house or flat, there is a for you.

Did you know that? The Berber carpet is one of the oldest objects of humanity! It comes from time immemorial when the women of the Moroccan Middle Atlas gave free rein to their imagination to create unique pieces.

Berber rugs that enhance your interior

Because they tell the story of the lives of Berber women, these creations are both fashionable and timelessly beautiful.

Discover our range of Moroccan rugs which are wonderfully adapted to all types of decoration. We love the carpets with geometric patterns and sober colours that are perfect for neo-industrial or contemporary interiors. These discreet and authentic carpets also blend in with the traditional or cosy atmosphere of a room.

Would you like to bring the sunshine into your home? Are you looking for a decoration with character? Then choose one of our models with its colourful arabesques!

Another advantage of these rugs is that they are available in various sizes and can be placed in front of furniture or under a table to highlight them. On larger surfaces, they define spaces with efficiency, warmth and elegance.

Ethnic Berber rugs adapted to modern life

All our products manufactured abroad are checked and comply with European import standards.

Our Berber carpets are designed to last a long time and are easy to maintain. Here are some inexpensive tips to keep your rug looking great for years:

  • Vacuum very regularly and air your carpet from time to time,
  • Use Marseille soap to remove coffee, sauce or chocolate stains,
  • Consider baking soda and soda water to remove stubborn stains.

 We also recommend a thorough cleaning every two years.

Several thicknesses of carpet are available for sale, depending on your taste and the use you wish to make of it. But whatever the model, when you first unroll your rug, you can't resist the urge to walk on it barefoot and feel its pleasant softness!

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