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Our black carpets : large choice of black carpets at the best prices

If you want to bring a touch of elegance and chic to your interior decoration, come and discover our selection of black rugs, delivery is free! Modern, ethnic, bohemian or geometric, black goes with all styles.

Whether in fashion or interior design, black, because of its sobriety, is always a "basic". In the fashion world, for example, the famous "little black dress" is a sure thing, a "must-have" in any wardrobe worthy of the name. You can't go wrong with a little black dress! The same applies to interior design.

Black carpet, for a chic and timeless style

Whether you opt for a modern, ethnic, bohemian or geometrical decoration, the black carpet goes with all styles and colours. Black is the colour of chic par excellence. To compose a chic and elegant decoration you can associate your black carpet with white, beige or light grey tones. Light but neutral tones contrast with the sobriety of black and bring a touch of light to your decoration. The bravest among you will opt for a total black look, but don't forget to add a few touches of light to your room, for example a few Spotlights lights or a well-placed mirror that will let the light in.

A black carpet for an ethnic or bohemian style

If you want to create an ethnic or bohemian style, combine your black carpet with warmer tones or geometric figures. You can also create a multicoloured patchwork effect by combining a black carpet with other carpets of various colours: red, yellow, orange, green, blue... the possibilities are endless.

Black carpet for all rooms

Whether it's for the entrance hall, the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen, you're bound to find the right black carpet for you

Each room has its own carpet and a suitable texture. If you deploy your carpet in a bedroom or living room, choose a cocooning texture in which you can curl up. In a work room, choose a rougher texture.