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Our doormats: a wide choice of designer doormats at the best prices

Indispensable, doormats help you keep your house clean while welcoming your guests with sobriety, elegance or humour! Discover our wide selection of models for indoors and outdoors, whether you are looking for a natural or synthetic mat.

You can't do without doormats: they not only keep dust and mud away, but also add a welcoming touch to the threshold of your home. Discover our selection of quality models, offered in different sizes, colours and materials.

A touch of design for a stylish entrance

Our wide range of products is designed to suit your taste and your home. The simplest brush mats, with their plain colours, can be used almost anywhere: they perform their function discreetly. Brightly coloured or patterned models are decorative elements in their own right. The more eye-catching brush mats give your entrance a boost and greet everyone in a good mood - especially if they carry friendly or amusing messages. The more refined patterned ones add a little chic to the decor.

Whatever their style, our brush mats come in a variety of sizes to fit any space. For a small or medium-sized entrance, the standard size of 60 cm × 40 cm will be more than sufficient. Are you looking for a large model for a spacious hall? Then choose from our range of king size mats, 90 cm long and 60 cm wide. And if you're looking for a more imaginative design, then compare our models with an original shape: sometimes square or with organic contours, the doormat is in all its forms to seduce you!

Efficient and durable brush mats

Our synthetic and coconut fibre models are ready to take on any challenge. Ideal for outdoor use, the gridded brush mats make it easy to remove mud from shoes. They are made of polypropylene or rubber for optimum resistance in all weathers.

More suitable for indoor use, the coir models absorb moisture perfectly on rainy days. Their very coarse bristles are also unbeatable for removing all dry dirt from your soles. So you're spoilt for choice!