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Our green carpets : large choice of green carpets at the best prices

Bring nature into your home with these inexpensive green rugs. Evoking the muted power of the woods, this strong colour isn't one to be trifled with, except when it's dressed up as a rug. Decorate your living room with one of these stylish ornaments.

What is the purpose of a carpet if not to make you want to walk on it? Few objects can compete with green rugs, especially if they are covered with soft fur...

Why a carpet of this colour?

Unconsciously, green reminds us of the lush abundance of wild spaces. Jungles, forests... Wherever life teems, the environment is adorned with a mosaic of green. Maybe that's why this color a ended up being associated with luck...

In decoration, green is both relaxing and stimulating. It brings freshness and a the advantage of being able to dress both floors and walls. How many colors can say the same?

In your living room, a beautiful green carpet will be the spontaneous touch that makes all the difference. In your bedroom, it will be an invitation to take off your shoes and let go. In your office, it will force you to look outside.

Choosing a green carpet is a decision that will change the course of your life.

What colours should green be combined with?

Your decision is made: you are going to buy a green-dyed carpet. But here's the thing... You have absolutely no idea what colours it can be matched with.

Despite appearances, green is a colour that can easily be used in everyday life. Have you thought about mixing it with brown elements or wood tones? It's no secret: this combination always works perfectly.

In children's rooms, a green carpet will go equally well with blue or pink. For parents, it's a way to bring a little relief to decorations that are often very typical.

Classified as a cold colour, green is nevertheless not lacking in cheerfulness. If you want to fill the atmosphere with positive energy, combine green with warm colours such as yellow, red or orange.

When it comes to decorating a room with a green carpet, you're spoiled for choice. And to think that a few minutes agoa , you thought it would be a Herculean task...