Metal Luminaires

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Our metal lights and metal lamps at the best prices

Our metal lighting fixtures, which look like they came straight out of an old factory in Brooklyn, are a perfect match for industrial decor. Although reminiscent of another era, this type of lighting knows perfectly well how to sublimate current decorations. It also stands up to the test of time and damage. What more could you ask for?

Have you ever looked at a metalpendant light ? Faced with this product of human ingenuity, you will feel proud to be a homo sapiens sapiens. Beware: you are only at the beginning of your adventure...

What are the different types of metal lighting ?

How is it that a material as robust as metal can undulate with such flexibility? In popular imagery, metal is that cold, lifeless body which makes up for its lack of warmth by its incredible strength. What a terrible misunderstanding of this noble material...

In the hands of a skilled craftsman, metal becomes a graceful and docile material. In fact, it can easily give rise to luminaires that are as original as each other. In doubt? Then take the time to browse through our product catalogue.

To bring magnificence to a room, this raw material takes the form of a metal chandelier with a majestic design. Hanging over a table, it immediately gives a sense of presence and dresses up a room with elegance.

Looking for a more discreet light source? Then you should invest in a metalwall lamp . It can be fixed to the wall and provides subtle but highly effective lighting.

Of course, these are not the only variations of metal lighting. Ceiling lamp, pendant light, desk lamps, Floor lamps... Metal is everywhere and is determined to light your way. Why not give it a chance?