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Our wall lamps outdoor wall lights and outdoor wall lights at the best prices

Are you looking for a wall lamp or a lighting for your garden/terrace? You are in the right place! Discover our large collection ofwall lamps on BoCoussin, at the best prices.

Do you have a terrace, balcony or garden? You should know that it is not ergonomic to install a Floor lamp, a ceiling lamp, a table lamp or any other type of lamp. The only lighting that can be used for your outdoor area is wall lamp .

High-quality outdoor walls wall lamps

A quality outdoorwall lamp can greatly enhance the image of your outdoor space whether it is the terrace, garden or balcony. It is also an essential element for the brightness or design of your outdoor space. These lights are effective in distributing light around the front of your home. You can choose between simple or decorative outdoor wall lights wall lamps . The lights are solid to ensure better security for the outdoor part of your home or workplace.

The waterproofing of thewall lamp exterior

When choosing a lighting wall lamp for the outdoor area of your home, you should first look at the purpose. A wall lamp is resistant to all weather conditions. It can withstand moisture, heat, cold and wind.

For a lamp with a solid finish, you didn't need to check the IP rating of the light. Thewall lamp outdoor wall light is certified to European standards for international protection. Its ability to deliver light that is resistant to moisture and dust is simply remarkable.

The brightness and beam of our wall lamps outdoor lights

The beam of the lamp allows you to adjust the reflection of the light. You can choose between downlight and uplight outdoor wall lamps. With this in mind, if you choose a wide beam, you will have a more illuminating effect on the outdoor area of your home. On the other hand, the small beam will accentuate the light for more detail.

The latest innovationwall lamp has a light beam that can create line or triangle shapes. In addition, you can choose a wall lamp with both a downward and an upward beam. Nowadays, they are equipped with an innovative technology that allows you to adjust the light angle. For aesthetic reasons, it is preferable to choose a recessed solution. However, it can also be installed on a simple surface-mounted installation. Just put it on a lantern or a pole and you're done.

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