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Our vintage carpets : large choice of vintage carpets at the best prices

Give your home a touch of originality and softness with silky, high-quality fabrics! Discover the softness, warmth, comfort and design of our vintage rugs! Surprise yourself and those around you with our exceptional selection of charming rugs.

Sitting quietly in your living room, your feet are screaming with cold. The ugly icy tiles suck all the warmth out of your delicate feet. You feel frozen in front of your favourite series. That nasty floor is looking forward to making you shiver, but we have a solution for you: a vintage rug. Yes, yes! You know those long threads of fabric woven together that create beautiful patterns and, what's more, warm your feet! Indeed, rugs are not just decorative objects, but they bring softness and warmth to your already well-appointed home. We offer you a range of high quality and uniquely designed decorative products.

If you don't like to sit on the sofa like everyone else, but on the floor with lots of cushions, our rugs are for you! You will be able to spend many hours lying on this soft fabric. In addition to being warm and soft, it gives you a feeling of well-being and letting go.

Gone are the cold evenings of putting on thick socks! Hello, warm winter evenings enjoying tea (or coffee or herbal tea: let's be crazy!) with very good quality rugs, please!

If you're not cold, you may want to add some charm to your living room or bedroom. What? It can also be used in the bedroom? Of course it can! These rugs can be used in any design and in any place of your house or flat (yes, our rugs have no preferences!) The cosy side of your home will then take all its meaning with these rugs. Forget all your worries and fall in love with these beautiful fabrics.

Quality for your home with our vintage rugs

In addition to being beautiful, soft and warm, the rugs comply with European manufacturing standards. What could be better than a decorative object that respects the rules! Indeed, in addition to being delicate, our carpets are made with love, passion and rigour.

What if I told you that delivery is free! No need to feel guilty about buying this fabric!

Treat yourself and your home to a modern look.