Vintage Ceiling lights

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Our vintage ceiling lights and vintage style ceiling lights at the best prices

To bring character to your room or to set the tone of your decoration, the vintage ceiling lamp invites itself into your home! A range drawing on memories and to be discovered right away to be at the forefront of trends.

In a living room, office or kitchen, vintage ceiling lights add character to any room without ever going out of fashion. A discreet finish that will attract the eye with its simple elegance without forcing the dreaded "bling". We also dare to use ceiling lights with geometric and abstract shapes, which will be a nod to the interiors of the 60s and the art deco movement.

Different styles for different times

With copper colours, it is the industrial style, with its raw lines that tells a story. The practicality and functionality of this style, reminiscent of the lofts of the 1920s, is easily chosen. Coupled with a warm, yellowish light, we find the cosy, warm side of vintage, which contrasts sharply with the robust materials and rough textures such as brick or metal. A less diffuse and softer light goes very well with more family-oriented environments and rooms such as the bedroom or living room to create a real cocoon.

The sober Model Scandinavian style brings softness with its pure contours and its glass or light wood accessories. These details help to diffuse the light and bring even more clarity. Combined with leather and warm colours such as brown and caramel, the mix of materials also ensures a mix of eras that will give personality to your interior.

Dynamic details with our vintage ceiling lights

Vintage is also hidden in the details. Here, attention is paid to the elements and accessories that accompany lighting , such as cushions or knick-knacks, but also to the elements that make up the vintage ceiling light. From massive chains to discreet wires and rustic rope, your lighting maximizes its chances to fit in any universe and decoration.

Don't forget the touch of colour, which can be very conspicuous to enhance the atmosphere and give dynamism. This is the way to honour the 60s, also known as the "orange years".